What Is SEO and Niche Marketing?

All right then, without undue sentimentality let’s dig into “what is SEO?” and “niche marketing”.

First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Here’s a definition of it:

The process of configuring web content in order to gain the highest potential rankings for a given search engine. While early SEO systems involved simple keyword matches, SEO has evolved considerably, to the level of performing semantic searches on content, optimizing the specific layout of a page to make its terms more indexable, and using complex mathematical algorithms to better match anticipated search engine behaviors. (O’Reilly)

Let’s rephrase this in a more transparent manner: Search Engine Optimization is the work you do to get your website on the first page of Google.

“There are also Bing and Yahoo! Why only Google?” you may be asking. Well, I don’t think it would be an overstatement if I say that Google owns the Internet. Bing might have a breakthrough some time in the future, but today the Big G is the main player on the Internet search market. Therefore, when we say search engine, we mean Google…

Now, to define niche marketing, I’ll show you an example. Please keep in mind that I made it all up and have no interest in the search term below.

Let’s say I’m looking for information on breeding hedgehogs at home 🙂 So I go to Google and type in “how to breed hedgehogs at home”. Google gives me his first SERP (search engine result page). I look through the results and open the site with an eye-catching description.

When this site loads, it grabs my attention, so I stay there and read the post where admin tells a cool story how he (let’s assume it’s a he) tried breeding hedgehogs and his first three attempts failed miserably. His story goes smooth and non-pushy, and some of his statements make me nod and sometimes smile.

Closer to the end of the post he happily shares his joy of finally succeeding with his hedgehog breeding venture, thanks to a manual he purchased and implementing the method described in that manual. He also tells me how great it is to see hundreds of little hedgehogs running around his small apartment, and all thanks to that manual.

It really makes me want to take a look at this manual, and just as if he read my mind, I see a link which says “You can check it out here”. I click that link which leads me to the vendor’s site and after going through the sales page I pull out my credit card and pay $47 for that great ebook.

I download my manual and the admin (the happy hedgehog breeder) receives around 30 bucks commissions…

This is how SEO and niche marketing work hand in hand. The owner of that recommending site had defined a lucrative niche, found some good keywords (or maybe just one) that are being typed into Google and not having strong competition, identified a good product to promote.

Then he had built a SEO friendly site around the best keyword and created 2-3 posts with great content targeting other keywords in his list.

If the competition for his keyword is low, he could’ve hit the first page of Google without any additional work. He had so accurately sharpened his content for his main keyword that The Big-G had no choice but to give his site high rankings.

That’s what happens when you find real golden keywords. Man, I just love those moments! 🙂

Ok, I hope I shed some light here and made some things a little more comprehensible.

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